Metal Grinder


4 piece Grinder with mesh separator, with a great grind consistency.


Custom beautifully engraved metal grinder.

4 LAYER GRINDER – 4 part grinder with pollen screen, R 55mm * H 2.17 inches, high-quality herb grinders, sharp cutting razor and blades. This grinder gives you perfectly fine grinds quickly and easily, and with the control, you can only get from doing it by hand. The hole of tobacco: 0.18 inch. The magnetized lid helps considerably to reduce spilling. Diamond-shaped teeth are great for super shredding power, making the grinding much smoother.

How does it work? Our grinders feature three compartments: the first compartment’s sharp metal teeth thoroughly grind your herbs or tobacco, then any pollen or undesired residue is filtered by the second compartment’s 500-micron screen, and then separated and deposited into the third compartment. Clean up is fast and easy because our grinders feature magnets to keep the grinder’s lid securely in place even as you grind, and we also include a complimentary pollen scraper. The grinder is sleek and compact, making it easy to store or if you need it on the go.

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