Minimalistic Wallets


Anodized Minimalistic Wallet


Save space in your pockets while maintaining your on the go feeling. Your wallet expands to 15 cards, holding your ID, debit, credit, gift, insurance, & library cards.

Organize your RFID wallet by stacking cards in the order that makes sense to you. Easily lift the exterior money strap to carry your paper cash folded neatly when you need it.

This wallet gets top marks for its distinctive style, durability, & RFID information security. Dignified tough aluminum make a statement plus stops eCrime.

This is not your old school men’s wallets that have been bulky causing a burden in pockets everywhere. Modernize your money management with a sleek wallet us.


We are always willing to assist in that special design for special celebrations or occasion. Just let us know..

Designs shown as examples are available just message us.


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Uploading Images

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